Udvalgte præsentationer på DSKO årsmødet 2017

Tillykke med de flotte udvalgte præsentationer på DSKO årsmødet 2017

PP-O 1: "Stereotactic radiation therapy of cerebral metastases in patients with breast cancer. Clinical spectrum and prognosis"

PP-O 2: "Heterogeneity of miRNA expression in localized prostate cancer with clinico-pathological correlations"

PP-O 3: "Feasibility of preference-driven dose plan optimization to support shared decision making in anal cancer radiotherapy"

PP-O 4: "Copenhagen prospective personalized oncology (CoPPO): Genomic profiling to select patients for phase 1 trials"

PP-O 5: "Multigene expression profile for predicting efficacy of cisplatin and vinorelbine in non-small cell lung cancer"

PP-O 6: "Calcium electroporation for treatment of cutaneous metastases; a randomized double-blinded phase II study, comparing the effect of calcium electroporation with electrochemotherapy"

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